Reviewing Labiotte Chateau Wine Shadow Palette & Missha X Line Friends Lippies

I am on a Labiotte kick right now and when I saw this eye shadow palette from them at BB Cosmetic, I knew she would be mine (oh yes, all mine).  I also saw some very nice lipstick colors in Missha X Line Friends products and I have already been impressed with Missha lip products in the past, so I decided to give them a try as well!


There are two versions of the Labiotte Chateau Wine Eye Shadow Palette ~ 01 Dry Wine and 02 Sweet Wine.  Dry Wine has more neutral based shades whereas Sweet Wine is a red based palette.  I chose Dry Wine as I cannot really pull off that many red tones on my eyes ~ it is a stunning palette, however.  There are 8 shades in the palette~ 2 matte, 3 satins, 2 shimmers and 1 glitter.   It comes in this pretty box that has a wine bottle on the cover.  I lightened the photo below as the box is very reflective and you couldn’t see the bottle at all.  The palette itself is very slim and the case is in a beautiful deep dark burgundy metallic color.

The reason why there is a wine bottle is because these shadows contain Chateau Margaux wine extracts to help keep the shadows “moist” and not chalky or dry.  It has a fine color pigment and some of the shades are more pigmented than others.  The brush is okay, it isn’t “stiff” enough for me, as I like to have a darker shade on my lids, but if you just wanted a sheer wash of color, the two-sided brush included will be sufficient for you.  The photos below ~ the top half is without flash and the lower half is with flash and I did about 2 applications of each color.

  1. Matt Beige ~ A standard creamy beige/buff color
  2. Shimmer Beige ~ Shimmery platinum gold shade that looks great as a highlighter.  This has a lot of fall out in the pan, as it is pretty delicate.
  3. Glitter Brown ~ Antique Gold Glitter ~ fall out is the same as Shimmer Beige.
  4. Gray Brown ~ I found this to be a fantastic shimmery silver olive green shade.  This is stunning

The darker side of the palette doesn’t have any fall out.

  1. Matt Brown~ Milk Cocoa shade
  2. Gold Brown ~ Very pretty shimmer brown shade with a hint of rose in it.
  3. Deep Brown ~ Shimmery Bittersweet Chocolate shade
  4. Dark Brown ~ Despite what it looks like in the pan, this is almost a matte shade with some  golden shimmers in it, but you cannot really see them when applied.  This is a really dark, almost black, brown shade.

Outside of the 2 shimmer/glitter shades, there isn’t that much fall out, due to its moist texture ~ and when I say moist, I don’t mean that the shadows are wet or cream. They just hold together better in the pan, so they don’t flake or crumble. These actually lasted a long time on my eyes, especially the darker shades.  I love the Gray Brown shade ~ it is very unique with its silvery green color.   I really love this palette ~ now I need me some WINE!!  Labiotte Chateau Wine Eye Shadow Palette sells for $21.50 USD at BB Cosmetic and contains 8.8 grams of product

image source


Missha came out with a collaboration with Line Friends ~ Brown & Cony are featured in these products.  I am not into the packaging that much, but the colors looked to be fantastic ~ no bright hot pinks or screaming reds.  I purchase 3 lip products in this line

Missha X Line Friends Matte Lip Rouge in MRD02  Salsa Red  This is supposed to be a matte lippie, but it really isn’t!  It is a creamy smooth satin lipstick that does leave a nice stain after it rubs off.  Depending on how many layers you apply, it can be a soft brick red to a bright chili pepper red.  This is a really pretty red lipstick for those who are looking for a warm toned red.

Missha X Line Friends Matte Lip Rouge in MBR01 Maple Latte  I could not resist getting another warm toned lippie from this line. Now, the preview “color” on BB Cosmetic didn’t really show me the actual shade ~ I googled for swatches and it really looked unusual and interesting.  This is a rose-pumpkin color ~ it has rose, pumpkin and brown tones to it. Now this one, the color shade doesn’t change if you add more layers, just the intensity.  Again, this is a satin finish, not a true matte lipstick.   Another winner and I liked both of these lipsticks from the Matte Lip line that I went back and purchased Bloody Wine, which looks to be a deep plum.  

Missha X Line Friends Poptastic Jelly Tint  in Maple Latte  I must admit, this was first in my shopping cart before the Matte Rouge Maple Latte.   This is a tint that dries down pretty matte, but it looks really good. It is more opaque than most tints and you do need to use a couple of applications, because it can look patchy with one swipe.  But it feels really nice and creamy on the lips when first applied, very cooling on the lips, very pigmented and it has a fun sweet taste to it.  I really recommend this one.  Now the shade is  more pumpkin colored than the lipstick shade, so this actually makes a nice base on your lips before applying the Matte Rouge lipstick in Maple Latte.  Very long lasting and leaves a good stain behind.

Heavily swatched ~ photo on the left is without flash, photo on the right is with flash

  1. Missha X Line Friends Matte Lip Rouge in MRD02 Salsa Red
  2. Missha X Line Friends Matte Lip Rouge in MBR01 Maple Latte
  3. Missha X Line Friends Poptastic Jelly Tint in Maple Latte


Final Thoughts

I am really pleased with my “fall makeup” that I cannot seem to stop buying!!  I think that the Labiotte eye shadow palette is stunning and I love the unexpected silver green shade in there.  Missha also hit it out of the park with their continuing Naver Line Friends Collaboration series ~ these colors are beautifully neutral with vivid colors ~ just in time for fall and  if you are warmer toned, you will really like these shades.  I am honestly not a fan of really bright colors, but that Salsa Red is so festive!

Where To Purchase

I purchased all of these products mine at BB Cosmetics and the items are linked in this blog post with their names.  Use my promo code of YW36SVN21HU  for 8% off your purchases.



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