Primera Organience Cure Eye Cream Review

disclaimer: products was sent to me for review purposes. all opinions are my own and are unbiased

There are so many Korean skincare brands out there and I have found that most have one or two products that I really like and even make HG status with me.  However, there are some Korean brands that just seeing the name in print makes me sit up and take notice, as I know that there is a high probability I will love their product ~ Primera is one of those brands.  I have had great success with several of their products:  Wild Peach line, Alpine Berry Watery Mask (love this!), Super Sprout Serum (another major love) and I am just starting to explore their facial sheet masks.   A little about Primera and what makes them unique is their usage of plant sprouts as their signature ingredient

prime + era = primera

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The compound word primera contains two words: prime, which means the most important, and era, meaning a fixed point in time; together, primera signals the most important period. primera is an eco-oriented cosmetic brand that focuses on the moment of germination when a plant releases its critical energy and collecting and delivering the energy directly to the skin.

Why does primera base itself on germination?

Germination is the process in which a seed emits an enormous amount of vital, nutritious energy in a condensed form within the bud to initiate new cell growth and develop into a seedling.  With a basis in AMOREPACIFIC’s extensive experience, research on eco-friendly and natural ingredients, and sprouting technology, primera has focused on understanding the profound energy of sprouts, and developed a revolutionary technique for extracting energy during germination for cosmetic application–which is yet to be seen in other nature-oriented brands.  source: primera

Jolse, a premier K-Beauty online shop, sent me the Primera Organience Cure Eye Cream for me to review.  I haven’t tried anything from the Primera Organience line before, so I was very excited to try this out.   The Organience line is to help prevent irritation to your skin and it will help restore damaged skin caused by external environmental factors, such as pollution.  It provide rich nutrition to your skin, due to the Natural CureplexTM complex ingredient, which are environmentally friendly-grown sprouts.

I love Primera’s packaging ~ it is very simple and no flash ~ just an off white tube with the important info and a sprout image on the tube.  This is very much in keeping with Primera’s overall look with their products ~ very simple designs, plain text printing and natural/neutral tones.  The box is made of recycled paper and it opens up  for more information about the product:

An eye cream providing rich moisture and vitality to skin around the eyes with organic certification by ECOCERT.  Rich nutrients of germinated black rice restore vitality and make the skin appear fair and full of energy.  Organic shea butter, cocoa butter, and extra virgin olive oil moisturize and protect the skin around the eyes and boost the skin’s barrier function to keep it moisturized and smooth.  Organic chamomile, lavender, and witch hazel extracts soothe the sensitive skin around the eyes to help maintain bright and clearly defined eyelines. 


  • Lavandula Angustifolia ~ this doesn’t surprise me that this is the 2nd ingredient in the list, as this eye cream does smell like lavender.  Lavender has amazing wound healing proprieties due to its antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory compounds. It is also is a soothing and invigorating ingredient as well
  • Squalane penetrates and absorbs rapidly into your skin and has anti-oxidant properties, helping prevent UV damage and hyper-pigmentation age spots, helps cellular growth and is an anti-bacterial. This is an excellent moisturizing ingredient. This ingredient also helps extend the shelf life of other oils, so this product is very stable.
  • Oryza Sativa (rice) helps supply moisture and contains a slew of nutritious compounds that your skin requires ~ such as amino acids, vitamins B1, B2 and E, phosphorus, iron, lysine, selenium, calcium, minerals and proteins. Rice will help promote skin cellular activity that has slowed down due to age and external factors, such as stress and pollution, and will help restore your skin’s youthful appearance.
  • Glycine Soja (soybean) is a potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and contains an anti-aging compound, genistein.  It also helps stimulate collagen production which increases elasticity and tone in your skin.  It is highly moisturizing as it contains polypeptides and  also contains the amino acid glycine, which helps repair damaged tissue and to speed up healing, which means it is great for blemish prone skin as well.
  • Rosemary has anti-septic properties, supports collagen growths and has anti-oxidant properties that will combat free radicals
  • Witch Hazel helps shrinks blood vessels, which tightens our skin. Witch Hazel can speed up healing and is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which also helps soothe skin. Finally, Witch Hazel refreshes and rejuvenates skin, refines the pores and seal in moisture. 
  • Palmitic Acid is a common saturated fatty acids that occurs naturally in your own lipids.  As we age, this ingredient can decrease in our skin by up to 56%, so it is important to replenish as this emollient will help strengthen your moisture barrier system, creating a smooth surface on your skin
  • Chamomile can calm down the skin and relieve redness effectively.   It has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It helps to relieve skin issues and irritations because it soothes and lessens swelling and redness, while healing skin and stimulating cellular renewal.

Besides all of the potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing botanical ingredients, Primera Organience Cure eye cream also has many moisturizing oils and butters ~ sunflower, olive, shea and cocoa.  This is a 4 free formula, meaning it does not contain parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrance or animal originated ingredients.  It has hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

Ingredients: water, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower water, propanediol, squalane, decyl cocoate, polyglyceryl-3 methylglucose distearate, cetearyl alcohol, theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter extract,  c12-16 alcohols, artemisia vulgaris extract, houttuynia cordata extract,  oryza sativa (rice) extract, dioscorea japonica root extract, glycine soja (soybean) sprout extract, anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower extract, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil, juniperus virginiana oil, citrus nobilis (mandarin orange) peel oil, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil, glycerin, c14-22 alcohols, glyceryl stearate, palmitic acid, hydrogenated lecithin,  cetearyl glucoside, xanthan gum, c12-20 alkyl glucoside, dextrin,  theobroma cacao (cocoa) extract, sodium phytate, potassium sorbate,  sodium benzoate, dehydroacetic acid analysis

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The tube is a soft vinyl with a pointed end, so it is easy to squeeze out the eye cream.  As mentioned, this has a lovely light herbal lavender scent to it, with a creamy off white color.   It is a thick-ish cream  and as I apply it, it slowly absorbs into my skin ~ this is not the most fastest absorbing eye cream around as it is highly moisturizing.  However, once I have patted in place, the product does sink into my skin and leaves a nice satin-almost-matte finish. 

How moisturizing is it?  Well, on average, I saw an increase of 53% on both oil and moisture levels using my digital skin analyzer.  However, I was a bit disappointed in the results ~ I did have pictures of before using the cream and after using the cream, and quite frankly, I couldn’t see much of a difference in terms of softening fine lines and wrinkles.   There was a little bit of softening and you could tell that my skin was moist, but it didn’t soften the crepiness under my eyes and my laugh lines as much as I had hoped for.  However, I have a few of those, so it could be that this eye cream is best suited for those who are younger with little or no lines and wrinkles ~ it could be a good preventative cream.  I also felt that this cream was a bit too moisturizing for me right now, as my eye area did puff up ~ that could be due to a combination of the heat and humidity right now and this eye cream, which is full of moisturizing oils.  My skin under my eyes is not that oily, but it isn’t dry either, so I have the feeling this cream is better for me in the fall or early spring months.  That said, this eye cream is not marketed as a miracle worker ~ it is meant for wrinkle care and nourishing your skin, leaving it soothed, smooth and silky.  I will say that my skin felt smoother, even though I could still see my wrinkles, and my skin was moisturized.  So the majority of their claims are true for me.

All in all, I do feel this eye cream is best for those who are looking for a preventative eye cream and currently aren’t experiencing lines, wrinkles and dark circles ~ which would have been me at age 20 to 30.   And I didn’t wear eye cream back then.  Maybe if I had, my under eye area would be in better shape, so let that be a cautionary tale for you ~ ahaha. 

I will put this away for now and start using it again in the fall, as I do think it is a good moisturizing eye cream and its ingredients are really nourishing for my skin.  Right now, I am looking for an eye cream that isn’t as thick but will soften my fine lines and wrinkles.


You can purchase the 30mL tube of Primera Organience Cure Eye Cream at Jolse for $28.33 (click here)  ~ this includes free shipping and they also give you samples!  Jolse also carries both the men and ladies line of Organience products (click here), which includes toners, serums, essence, cleansing water, cream and emulsions.  They also carry a lot of Primera products, including the ones that I mentioned earlier ~ such as Super Sprout and Wild Peach. 

Women Organience Line by Primera

Men Organience Line by Primera

[ disclaimer: products was sent to me for review purposes. all opinions are my own and are unbiased ]

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