Unboxing January 2016 Herbal Bliss Co

January 2016 Herbal Bliss Box came really late ~ I didn’t get it until February 8th!!  But I am always happy to get my Herbal Bliss box, so sometimes being patient is a virtue.  Herbal Bliss is a unique eco-friendly subscription service, as their whole theme is around providing herbal products ~ samples, full sized ~  from artisan crafted companies around the USA.   Their monthly lifestyle box will contain 5 items that could be culinary, health, beauty, aromatherapy and more.

What is Herbal Bliss Co?

Herbal Bliss enjoys reaching out to the diverse herbal suppliers throughout the USA to bring you five unique samples each month. Our sample categories are Aromatherapy, Blissful Body, Culinary, Well Being and a Spotlight product. Each of our suppliers thoughtfully grows, harvest, and packages to bring you delightful experiences into your home. Herbal Bliss is thrilled to introduce you to a multi-faceted experience each month.

  • Passionate About Small Batches ~ Our suppliers are often growing their herbs, creating their recipes, and building their shop fronts on their family farm. You are receiving special, handcrafted gifts from nature without bias to one supplier over another.
  • Discover Herbs ~ Herbal products are one of the fastest growing consumer products. Why is that? People are wary of chemical, laboratory products that have who knows what effect on our body systems. We want to put natural products in our bodies and on our skin & hair. We want to read a label and not only be able to pronounce the ingredients, but know what they are
  • Education ~ Herbs can be intimidating. Herb shops are usually very helpful, but sometimes you may be afraid to ask questions because other customers seem so well informed. Most people know that you should not ingest herbs for ailments without speaking to your doctor first, but there are many other questions about the use of herbs. Herbs are from the earth and have uses beyond what you think of everyday and we are here to help introduce those uses and the makers of these gifts. We bring education for each category.  (source)

Herbal Bliss offers (per box) a month-to-month sub at $25.00, 3 month sub at $22.00, 6 month sub at $20.00 and a yearly sub at $18.00 per box.

Contents Revealed!


Lemon Grass Candles Christmas Punch Berry Candle This is a great pillar candle, 3″ x 4″ and has a burn time of 25 hours.  The creamy white candle has a lovely fruity scent of berries ~ cranberry, raspberry and concord grape, along with pomegranate  ~ with some dried fruit at the bottom of the candle for a beautiful presentation.   This smells divine ~ very sweet, very berry.   I know this is marketed as a “Christmas” candle, but its scent has a year round appeal.  Lemon Grass Candles has a huge array of botanical candles and I will be checking them out ~ they have some beautiful scents and designs.   Full Size 3″  x 4″ RV $18.00

Description:  This clean burning handmade candle is formulated with exquisite fragrances. made with a vegetable wax blend and lead-free wicks, our hand selected botanicals guarantee each and every candle to be unique


Solros-Tvål Swedish Dream Sunflower Facial Soap  This is made from a Swedish formula which includes sunflower seed oil and evening primrose oil.   Sunflower seed oil contains essential fatty acids and is a rich emollient, along with evening primrose oil, which is also very nutritious and super moisturizing.   Evening primrose contains several fatty acids, such as linoleic and gamma linoleic, which are rich in omega-6.  It not only helps with skin rashes, blemishes, irritations and is high in antioxidants so that will help soften and smooth skin.   I love the pretty box this soap comes in and was totally surprised at how cute the actual soap is!  It is a square shaped soap with rounded corners, a mellow butter yellow in color with an adorable sunflower design cut into the soap.  It has a light pleasant scent.   This is almost too pretty to use!     Full Size 1.76 oz  RV $6.99

Ingredients: sodium palmate, sodium cocoate/sodium Ppalm kernlate, water, pressed sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, titanium dioxide, sodium chloride, pentasodium penetate, tetrasodium etidronate, natural color  cosDNA.com analysis


Facial Brush with wooden handle There was no card for this, but I use facial brushes all the time, so I knew what this was! This actually goes well with the soap, as it will allow you to create a good dense lather by rubbing the soft bristles into the soap with some water.  Facial brushes like this are supposed to be replaced every few months, so I am glad to have another one.  Using a facial brush will not only help cleanse, but exfoliate dead skin cells and  stimulate your skin to help promote skin renewal.   This has a nice, easy to hold wooden handle and the bristles are really soft and dense.   These vary in price, depending on the brand, but I will put a RV of $9.00 on this.


Pelindaba’s Organic Culinary Lavender is grown and packaged at Pelindaba’s farm on San Juan Island.  They grow and cultivate their lavender in organically certified fields and then extract the oils on-site with their own distiller.  These lavender buds are certified organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture.  Lavender has been used for centuries and it can be used in recipes instead of rosemary.  Lavender is a strong herb, so a little goes a long way.  I will have to look up some recipes that call for lavender ~ I know that lemon and lavender are great pairings and I also found a simple but easy lavender sugar recipe to make:  2 bugs of dried lavender flowers, 2 ~ 3 tablespoons of sugar.  Grind together until both buds and sugar are fine and the essential lavender oils are released into the sugar.  This will create a lovely sugar to put in lemonade, teas and desserts.    Full Size 4 oz  RV $8.00

Description Grown exclusively in our own organically certified fields, Pelindaba’s Organic Culinary Lavender comes from the first of the flowers to be harvested each summer.  We select only the finest “”Provence”” flowers, cut by hand just as the first blossoms begin to appear. Bunched and hung to dry (naturally) in the Drying Barn, the flower buds are then stripped from their stalks, sifted through a multi-tiered automated sifter, and then given a further sift and sort by hand to remove any undesirable material.  Probably the most versatile of culinary herbs, organic lavender has been used over the centuries in an extraordinary range of culinary delights. Up until the 20th century it was in many ways more popular than rosemary. Indeed, for all those savory dishes that call for rosemary, think lavender instead for a completely unique alternative flavor.  But what makes culinary lavender relatively unique among the herbs is its wide application on the sweet as well as the savory side of the palate. It turns ordinary “”sweet”” into an extraordinarily exotic nectar. Think lavender ice cream, lavender lemonade, lavender shortbread, lavender meringues (a personal favorite)… the list goes on and on.


Golden Monarch Herbals Natural Vapor Rub    Just in time for winter!!  I have sinus issues all the time in cooler weather and I do love vapor rubs.  This one is really nice, as it not only has eucalyptus but rosemary, lavender and lemon essential oils, mixed in with moisturizing oils ~ coconut and olive ~ to not only clear up your stuffy nose but make sure your skin is soothed.  Golden Monarch Herbals uses high quality herbs, many of them locally sourced from  Reno, Nevada.  You can not only use this the traditional way as a chest rub and under the nose to enhance your breathing, but also applying it to your feet which helps with relaxation.   Their full size is 2 oz, but this is a 50 mL size, which is slightly less (1.69 oz) smaller than their full size version.  Deluxe Size 50 mL  RV $12.67


All Organic Ingredients:  Coconut oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender & Lemon.

This is a really nice box this month ~ I am pleased with all of the products and the vapor rub is something I need right now too!  Also, the candle is fantastic ~ beautiful to look at and smell ~ and the lavender herbs will be interesting to try out in a recipe.  The soap and brush are really nice touches together and the soap is so pretty with its sunflower design.   I paid $17.00 for my box, as I am on a 6 month subscription with one of their promo codes and received almost a $55.00 value, which is fantastic for an indie, eco-friendly subscription box.  I am pleased that the value in these boxes continue to exceed expectations and I have signed up with another 6 months with them. I am still hoping that they would include coupons to their vendors in future boxes.

Do you subscribe to Herbal Bliss?  I feel like a broken record, but if you love eco-friendly products tat are unusual and aren’t found in other sub boxes, you should give them a try!  Are you interested in this subscription and what products do you want to try out?


[ descriptions in italics from linked websites ]

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