Sunday Beauty Zen 11.29.2015

I almost didn’t make my post today!!  So busy with trying to regroup and get back to work mode for tomorrow.  Settling down now and also took some horrid swatches of Etude House Play Color Eyes in #In the Café.

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My Sunday Beauty Zen for 11.29.2015


I see a Donkey Theme { with a bit of coconut in there }  These are nourishing products and great for the winter!

Goodal Wash Up Keeping Youth Coconut Cream Pack ~ Amazon ~ TesterKorea This is a hydrating wash off pack to help with anti-aging.  I don’t know if it helps or not, but it smells like coconut and there are little bits of coconut as well as mango extracts in the wash off pack!  This is a milky white gel formula that leaves my face smooth and soft.

Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk Steam Cream  Amazon   ~ Memebox I used this all last winter as a night pack, foot and hand cream and also for my elbows!  I love this stuff ~ it is too heavy for me during the day, but it worked great at nighttime and didn’t break me (win-win for me).  My face was very moisturized.  I am pretty loyal to Skin Ceramic when it comes to Donkey milk products 🙂   I see that Memebox is carrying a Donkey Yogurt Sleep Pack.. hmm, I might have to check that out!

Skin Ceramic Donkey Yogurt All-In-One Moisture Gel Cream  Memebox ~ RoseRoseShop This is a lighter version of the Steam Cream and its gel-cream formula makes it a good alternative for a sleep pack in the summertime.  It also can be used as a day time moisturizer during the colder months.  If you have dry skin, you can use this with no problems during the daytime.  

Cleomee Skymilk Donkey Snowy Pore Balm  Mishibox This is a pore balm that you apply to your T-Zone.  I use this now that it has gotten cooler and it does help smooth and degrease my oily areas.  This is made with donkey oil, donkey milk, beeswax, shea butter, argan and  macadamia oils ~ what saves it from being a hot, greasy mess on my face is that it has silica in it, which means this product is very matte.  It is also scentless.

Have you tried any of my Zen-Featured products?  What do you think of them ~ please let me know in the comments below 🙂

Unboxing Beauty Product Info


Not so much a haul (and I did get a lot in, check out my IG feed...way too many right now!), but I did purchase the Etude House Play Color Eyes in #In the Café from W2Beauty.  I wanted to see if Etude House eye shadows were really good or not, as my only experience was their chocolate bar series, and the pigmentation and wear time was horrible.  People tell me that Etude House eyes shadows are really pigmented and long lasting. 

Very nice packaging ~ I love the coffee beans and mug with the slim coffee-brown case.   This has a really nice mirror and crappy foam brush applicators. Throw those out and get a nice brush instead.  There are 10 shades in all ~ 7 matte and 3 shimmer/glitter shades.  The palette colors look amazing ~ ranging from light beige to deep brown, bright bronzes to gold.  There is a mandatory peachy-coral shade in here ~ ahaha


left to right: Honey Milk – Cafe Mocha – Chocolate Latte – Caramel Latte – Coconut In The Beach – Fall In Love – Take-out Without Syrup – Cafe Latte – Honey Grapefruit – Peach Pepper Salt

I will try and get a better swatch soon, as I am not happy with these swatches.  They are a bit darker than how it is rendering here.  I waited too long and let the natural daylight disappear, which is the downside of winter ~ it gets so dark quickly and before you know it.  However, 4, 5, 8 and 9 are that lightly pigmented.  In fact, I thought that I had missed a swatch with 4 and 8!!  haha

  1. Honey Milk
  2. Cafe Mocha
  3. Chocolate Latte
  4. Caramel Latte
  5. Coconut In The Beach
  6. Fall In Love
  7. Take-out Without Syrup
  8. Cafe Latte
  9. Honey Grapefruit
  10. Peach Pepper Salt

I can tell you that they are not really pigmented and long lasting.  The only two shadows that are long wearing are Cafe Mocha and  Take-out Without Syrup.   They are typical of Korean eye shadows that I have tried ~ light on pigmentation, some glitter fall out, soft shadows and you need to wear a primer.   These are nice shades and I will use them ~ they will go on my primer quickly after I apply it so it sticks, but if you really are looking to do a smokey eye with these, this is not the palette for you.

image source
image source

Where to Purchase

This is a limited edition palette, so if you want it, you should purchase it now.




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