Sunday Beauty Zen 11.15.2015

Mid November already!! I have cleansers on my mind today 😀    If you want more information on a specific product, comment below and I will do my best to answer your question!  I most likely would have written about them (or will) here at my blog and if so, I will add those links at the end of the blog post. 

Take photos of your “Beauty Zen” and post on your social media sites ~ use hashtag #unboxingbeautyzen so we can all see the Zenful products you love!

My Sunday Beauty Zen for 11.15.2015

  • Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil  Memebox ~ Innisfree ~ w2beauty    This is favorite cleansing oil of mine.  It was one of the first ones I tried and I have repurchased it a couple of times now.  It smells like spring time to me ~ candy granny smith apples.  It also works well too! 
  • Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Mineral Powder w2beauty  ~ Amazon ~ Innisfree    I still adore the original No-Sebum Mineral Powder, but the blur is making its way into my purse as it not only has the same mattifying properties as the original, but also gives some coverage as it is tinted.
  • Beyond Applemint Fresh Cleansing Oil   cosmetic-love ~ Amazon I picked this up over the summer and I love it!  This oil will be one of several cleansing oils that I am currently testing for a review in about a month.  This didn’t smell like apples or mint, but I am not disappointed as I think it smells like clementines ~ very zingy and refreshing citrus scent.  I love the applemint series from Beyond and own not only this oil, but cleansing water and soothing gel too.
  • The Face Shop Calming Seed Mild Bubble Cleanser RoseRose Shop  ~ Amazon  ~ KoreaDepart  This is a really nice mild cleanser, with a pH level of 6.5 to 7, has a light refreshing scent of lemons and is a fantastic 2nd step foaming cleanser.   Why this doesn’t get more love in KBeauty circles, I have no clue
  • The Face Shop Raspberry Line & Lift Collagen Eye Patch  RoseRose Shop ~ Amazon  I was reminded of these when someone on reddit r/asianbeauty needed some help with their eyea area.  I responded to her on reddit and am repeating it here:   I really love these little hydrogels ~ I received them in my Spa Retreat Memebox and I have been buying them like they are going out of fashion! These are hydrogels that I keep on until all of the gel is absorbed into my undereye area. I swear, that area looks tighter and firmer with these guys. You do have to place them so the mesh side is facing outwards. You want the gel to sit directly on your skin.  The fine lines/tighten and lift are temporary – a day or so. As far as moisturizing ~ I actually went all science and used my patches and did a before & after skin analyzer test
    • Before eye patch 22% oil/49.1% water.  I wore the patches for 40 minutes (you need to wait until all of the gel is absorbed – this patch is so satisfying because you can actually see that the gel has been absorbed into your skin!)
    • After treatment: 26.8% oil/59.8% water!!  If I remember my algebra correctly (and math is not my strong subject) that is over almost a 22% increase in moisture!

w2beauty sponsor code ~ save $5.00 off your first purchase of $30.00 or more ~ use sponsor code 0811226902 when you register 

Since I will be reviewing the oil cleansers in the near future, I will have much more detailed information at that time.


Unboxing Beauty Product Info



W2Beauty Haul

First up, from w2beauty, some nailpolishes and Alice gave me many samples plus a couple of facial sheet masks, because she didn’t have one of my nailpolishes in stock.  I asked to find one that was similar in color, and she gave me two!  W2Beauty is one of my top 3 International sites to purchase K-Beauty items.

The Innisfree Nailpolishes are from the From Samcheong-dong Street line.   I purchased  #122 From Samcheong-dong Street, #123 Piece of Chocolate and #124 Strong Espresso.  #122 was the shade that was out of stock and even though I don’t think the 2 nail polishes were an exact match to #122, I really do appreciate the gesture and that Alice went out of her way to try and find a replacement shade for me 🙂   #19 from Modi Platinum Nails is almost the shade, but is tad lighter.

For comparison, this is #122 From Samcheong-dong Street color  image credit from eBay

Beautius Sister Diary Masks Haul

I really love this shop ~ it is a recent online site that carries not only Korean products, but Taiwanese and Japanese.  Tracey is so wonderful and I asked her if she could stock Sister Diary masks ~ particularly the Apple Polyphenol Platinum as I love that one  ~ it really makes my skin brighter.  I received it in my January Mask Genie and it is so difficult to get ~ I couldn’t find any online store that carried them and would ship to the USA.   Tracey got them in plus some more Sister Diary masks too!  I picked up the Natto Collagen and Cherry Arbutin and I will be doing my IG #instablogs on them too.  I also received 2 free masks, a Lovemore Hyaluronic Bubble mask and a Collagen mask.  Plus tons of samples, a handwritten note.  This haul below does not reflect how much I purchased!  I did buy a TON of the Apple ones as I love them and I didn’t have room to show all of the masks, samples and note! 

If you are interested in joining and registering at, please use my referral link$beautius/r/ and you will get 100 reward points credited to your account.  Each 100 points is worth $1.00 in their shop and every purchase will continue to add and grow to your reward points bucket.   Very fast shipping too from this store 😀


Have you tried any of my Zen-Featured products?  What do you think of them ~ please let me know in the comments below 🙂

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