Memebox CRAZE!!

Memeboxes are my newest obsession.  I have been holding back for months now and I took a look at them the other week – and I am DOOMED.  Doomed I say!!

What is Memebox, you ask?  Well, from their lips to your ears…or from their website to here.

“Memebox curates only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. An extremely competitive industry, Korean cosmetics are renowned for their unprecedented quality developed through cutting-edge technology. At the forefront of the industry, Memebox is determined to deliver the enchantment of discovery through effortless experiences, at prices you’ll never say no to. ….Order from Memebox only when you want to, as often as you want to. In addition to our box series, Memeshop carries full-sized products featured in previous Memeboxes, offering easy access to Korean cosmetic trends.”

These are not monthly beauty boxes.  These are boxes that come out on a regular basis, you do not subscribe to them, and sometimes it is overwhelming on how many boxes they release at once!   You can earn “memepoints”, which one point = one dollar.  If you first register with them before ordering, you automatically get 2 memepoints.   Sometimes they just add memepoints for a specific time in your account and you can also “earn” memepoints, either by purchasing certain featured boxes or products in their shop.  There is a current May 2014 special where you get $5.00 off when you order 3 Memeboxes:  MEMEBUNDLE3

Memeboxes come in several flavors and with the exception of the NakedBox, they won’t tell you what the box contains.  They might post a spoiler or two, but that is it.

  • Memebox Global:   This is the original Memebox and it contains 4 to 8 full sized products and deluxe samples.  They can vary from hair and body products, skin care to makeup.  They usually retail for $23.00, but on occasion, they might have mini’s for $15.00 and larger boxes for $39.00
  • Superbox:  This is an offshoot from the original Memebox and it contains only full sized items.   Each Superbox has its own theme which will target specific needs  They usually are priced around $32.00, but they have boxes that are almost $70.00
  • Luckybox:  These are boxes that contain popular items that were in past Global and/or Superboxes that were sold out.  They might include new items as well.  These are typically $23.00
  • Nakedbox: These are similar to the Memebox Global except they tell you exactly want you will be getting in the box. “For the very first time, a box with all of its components completely revealed: the Naked Box. This box is dedicated to you girls out there who feel a bit too shy or hesitant in trying out our other beauty boxes.  Even better, we are able to send out your orders within 4 to 5 days. No need to pre-order or wait for a shipping date!”  They usually retail for $23.00.

Shipping:  You can either do standard shipping (around $6.99 ~ 15-25 business days) or express shipping (over $25.00 ~ 5 to 7 business days).  They might do a free upgrade to express if you have two or more boxes shipping out on the same day or they might have specials going on for free express shipping. 

Orders:  The biggest issue I have right now with Memebox is the WAIT TIME.   They are very upfront when the boxes will ship out on the product page.   That said, it can be anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks before your box ships out and that is not including the shipping time to your home!!  ARRGGGG.   This is why I have ordered so many boxes in the last week.    Between all of the memepoints I have gotten and the glut of newly arrived boxes, I caved. 

So, let’s see which box tempted me first, shall we?

Honey Superbox #19

I saw the buzz ~weak grin~ around this box around Mother’s Day weekend and at that time, you could get this box for $29.00 (10.00 off its normal price) – but just for that weekend!!    No spoilers, mind you – just this description “[Shipping starts on June 3rd]   Meet the “nature’s best all-around remedy “– the Honey Box!!! Honey has been praised and used since pre-Ancient Egyptian times for not only treating infections and wounds but also soothing and nourishing the skin.  Today the effectiveness of honey as a healing remedy is being rediscovered as studies prove honey stimulates fast regeneration of skin cells.  What’s better, nectars of various flowers and fruits in honey is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes beneficial to any skin type!

Okay, I’m in!!  I registered, got my 2 memepoints and applied it to the box.    The other day, a spoiler was released on Memebox’s Facebook page:

“NELLA FANTASIA HONEY ONE SNAIL ULTRA MOISTURE CREAM-  $38.00 Revered for generations for its ability to absorb and retain moisture, honey is rich in natural sugars that help to create a moisture-preserving veil over the face. Now use this pure honey cream to deliver hours of supreme nourishment to the skin!”

So, a couple of days later, wishing it was mid June, Memebox diabolically added 10 memepoints into my account for no good reason and I had a coupon for 3 memepoints from a fellow blogger.  What to do????    Yeah, buy another damn box!

Green Tea Superbox #15

I love green tea.  Interested to see what they include.  They did have a spoiler for a Green Tea Cleansing oil, but they couldn’t stock it time and I got another 3 memepoints (more on that later).  I also got this one because the shipping date was earlier than June 3rd…it ships out on May 29th.  “Our new Green Tea Box is precisely designed to share with you the long-cherished effects of green tea as a natural healing & purifying remedy.  To bring the numerous health and beauty benefits of green tea to your beauty routine, we’ve included various selections of our favorite green tea beauty items!  Discover the secret to fresh, naturally glowing skin!”

The next day, all hell broke loose.  Memebox released SIX BOXES.  3 Color Themed Ones (Blue, Orange and Red) and 3 Scentboxes (Baby Powder, Rose and Grapefruit).    I was proud of myself.  I only got the Grapefruit box.

Memebox Global Scentbox #3 GRAPEFRUIT

“Feel your mood wearing thin from Spring fever?  You’ll forget all about your exhaustion and feel instantly energized as soon as the citrus scent is released as you open up your Memebox Grapefruit!  Exploding with vitamin-C and antioxidants, Memebox Grapefruit will revitalize your body and put an end to all your sluggish days;)  What’s your signature scent? Find your signature scent with our SCENTBOX which includes 3 to 4 beauty products (full products and deluxe samples) at the mere price of $15! Experience our scent-sational boxes and find the box that fits you best!”

At least it was a bit less expensive at $15.00 + shipping AND I had 5 memepoints (where do these come from??)  Oh yeah, Memebox gave us 5 summer memepoints, only good for 24 hours.  I am feeling a little bit frantic now.   And there is more to come…. I have always wanted to try the “cream cheese bounce” cream – or at least I have always wanted to since I started hounding beauty blogs talking about Memebox and beauty boards.   They chat about this cream like it is the best thing since…well, cream cheese!

Guess what showed up in a LUCKYBOX!!  Yep, that infamous cream.  And they did a spoiler on two of the products.  Now, this box has been around, I just happened to see a review on it.  Gotta have it.   I actually like all of the items in this box (yes, I know what is in it) except for one item, which I am sure I can swap or something.  The best part – shipping started already on May 16th.  In fact, my Luckybox #5 is on its way right now as it shipped out a couple of days ago.

Luckybox #5

“Luckybox has always offered only the must-have items for both the loyal fans of Memebox and also those new to Memebox!  For Luckybox #5 we’ve included 7 best items from Luckybox #1~#4 and 1 item from Memebox!  We promise you won’t be disappointed.”

SPOILER #1 “DEAR BY ENPRANI’S BOUNCE CHEESE CREAM” – $14  This facial cream has a very unique bouncy texture to it, coming from high concentration of milk serum, also known as Whey, which is a good source of natural protein and works to re-hydrate and firm up your skin.

SPOILER #2 “LJH’S TEA TREE ESSENCE 90” – $13 A lightly-textured tea tree oil formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Made from  90% tea tree extract, LHJ’s Tea Tree Essence 90 clears, moisturizes and brightens  troubled skin, targeting acne and delivering nutrients deeply for a hydrated, vibrant  complexion. Key ingredients include sea buckthorn and centella asiatica, plants  known to delay the skin maturation process and speed the healing of damaged  tissue.  

And now I am really doomed and losing it.  The very next day, they release 3 more boxes (or maybe more, I have no idea, I just remember 3 of them).  Two held no interest – A Summer box, a Waxing box – but the third, oh baby….A Foot Care Box.  No memepoints left for me, I paid full price for this baby.  I am so hoping for a foot mask.  Please!!

Foot Care Superbox #25


“Dive feet first into our ultra pampering and luxuriously moisturizing Foot Care Box!  Give your tired and exhausted feet a spa treatment right at your own home with daily foot treatments that provide moisture and hydration to dry and cracked feet. Slough away dry and rough spots and drench dry skin with skin-loving foot care products to hydrate and smooth!  This special Footcare Box is arranged with 4 to 5 full sized products and is priced at $23.   [Shipping starts on July 1st]”

And then rapid fire, the next day, 3 more boxes were released. I am a little crazy now.  I got all three – but since I purchased 3 memeboxes, I got $5.00 off AND each one of those boxes gave me an additional 5 memepoints for future purchase.   Do I have a problem?  Yes.  I am weak.  Here is my fantastic trio:

Memebox Oriental Medicine

[Get a Memebox Oriental Medicine and Earn 5 Reward Points]  It’s a box fit for royalty!  A favorite beauty regimen among Queens in ancient Korea, oriental medicines were used to revitalize and balance exhausted skin, giving them a beautiful and enchanting glow. Designed to improve softness, luster and elasticity, the mystical properties of oriental medicinal extracts leaves skin looking healthy and youthful. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin, oriental medicinal extracts improve the skin’s functions of regeneration, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and moisturization.   Discover the key to youth with our enchanting Oriental Medicine Box!  [Shipping starts on July 4th]”

Memebox Whole Grain

[Get a Memebox Whole Grain and Earn 5 Reward Points]  Be au naturale with our Whole Grain Box!  Wholes grains are the ultimate gift from Mother Nature because it provides all around beauty benefits from head to toe. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive types of skin, yet powerful enough to buff away dead skin cells and encourage surface cell turnover, whole grains will leave skin leaving soft, smooth and radiant. Rich in vitamins A and E, whole grains are full of antioxidants that promote cell respiration and also stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory compounds, slowing down the aging process.  Leave your makeup behind and reveal your natural beauty! [Shipping starts on July 4th] ” 

I am so hoping for some great oat exfoliators!!

Memebox Milk

“[Get a Memebox Milk and Earn 5 Reward Points]  We all know milk is good for teeth and bones, but betcha didn’t know it’s also good for your skin!  Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, is a famous beauty icon who is known to have used milk as a secret ingredient for maintaining smooth, supple and radiant skin. Milk has healing properties that repairs sun damaged skin, prevents premature aging, and also provides abundant nutrients for a youthful look.  Now, we’re letting out this ancient beauty secret with our Milk Box to share with you all the skincare benefits that milk has to offer!  [Shipping starts on July 4th]”

Now, I have 15 memepoints in my account, waiting for another box.  Just so you know, if you have made it this far, the points I earn are good for 1 year.   I am thinking, I can hold out.  See if they come out with a coffee box or something.  Food, always food with me!

THE VERY NEXT DAY……I get 3 memepoints because they cannot fulfill the Green Tea Cleansing Oil that was a spoiler in my Green Tea box (remember that one?  I barely do!).  Okay, now I have 18 memepoints.  And no new boxes interest me.   They were monitoring me…I swear to gawd they were.  Why else would they have given their customers another 10 memepoints that EXPIRE in 24 hours?  I am whimpering now in fear.  What to do?  None of the boxes are calling out to me……wait!  They have a shop!!!   I have been eying this lemon cleanser whose texture has been described as “marshmallow fluff” for a while, and hoping it will show up in one of my boxes.    The full size is 18.00 – but the shipping is over 10.00!  BUT…..they have the full sized cleanser plus 3 packs of cocoon balls (I kid you not) for $31.00 and FREE SHIPPING.  Hey, just the cleanser alone was going to cost me just about that much with the shipping.  AND I get 3 memepoints for buying it!

Click, Add to Cart, Checkout, Paypal. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.  And just like that, another fine purchase at MemeBox.  And as I had 28 memepoints, it was 3 bucks for this purchase….But I got THREE points for making this purchase, so it really was just free – BWHAHAHA.

Cocoon Silk Peeling Ball 3-pack & RECIPE BY NATURE Slowganic Cleanser Lemon

This set contains Natural Cocoon Silk Peeling Ball 3-pack & RECIPE BY NATURE Slowganic Cleanser Lemon.

1. Natural Cocoon Silk Peeling Ball 3-pack
Close in composition to skin proteins, Grand Plan’s Natural Cocoon Peeling Silk Balls are made with 100% natural silk and no added chemical ingredients. These luxuriously soft cocoons will gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin, removing impurities, dead cells, and makeup residue to reveal the all-natural, baby-smooth complexion underneath.
WHAT IT DOES Exfoliate Cleanse Hydrate Nourish
KEY INGREDIENT 100% Natural Silk  HOW TO USE  Soak peeling balls in lukewarm water for 3 minutes.  When moist and soft, place on fingertips through opening (if too small, cut slightly to widen.  Massage skin with fingertips in circular motion.   Any impurities on the cocoons are harmless and gained naturally through the production process. Simply wash them off with warm water.  SIZE   60 each (20 each x 3 packs)

2. RECIPE BY NATURE Slowganic Cleanser Lemon
Slowganic stands for slow, raw and organic. This cleanser is made with organic raw materials, such as lemon extract, lime oil and herbs. Slowganic cleanser instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture.  HOW TO USE Wet skin and massage over face and eyes, then rinse.  SIZE  100g

I will, my fellow faithful beauty adventurer, be blogging about my purchases as they come in!

[ disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  I have purchased all of these boxes with my own money ]

[  all images and descriptions in italics from ]

15 thoughts on “Memebox CRAZE!!

  1. It really is an addiction isn’t it? They know what they are doing with those points for sure. I’ve just bought Memebox #14 which doesn’t arrive until September because I have too much stuff right now. I also started buying stuff on BeautyNetKorea so I can get individual items I’m interested in rather than a whole box of stuff – just got a foot peeling mask from there so now I don’t need the foot box.

    Stay strong fellow Maddict!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is good to know about beautyNetKorea – I will have to check it out. I really want a foot peeling mask and I will be disappointed if they do not add it to the Foot Care box.

      So, far, my resolve is strong – they added 3 boxes yesterday – Snail Box, Anti-Aging and Free From Oil & Trouble – and I have resisted 😀


  2. I saw that you get 10points for signing up “TODAY ONLY” for anyone who is interested. Personally I am going to pass on it for now, although it is tempting. I am not too sure how I feel about getting all of these foreign products.


    1. You can just register and create an account to get your 10 points!! They are good for a year, so you don’t have to purchase a box today. These are Korean beauty products and I was also hesitant at first about foreign beauty products – which is why I held out for so long – but I read a lot of beauty blogs on these boxes, watched youtube vids and also joined in on the meme box chat thread over at There are women there from all around the globe chatting about the products 🙂

      I never thought I would buy 8 boxes, that’s for sure! lol

      But you should just register today to get the 10 points – that is 10 dollars, and they will also dump special points at random times (like another 10 points for 24 hours) and you could wind up getting a box for free that way!


  3. I LOVE memebox lol .. Have you guys seen this promo yet? Ive already used it.
    Best Memebox Promo Code so far!! Save $15 on any purchase. Use Code TRYMEMEBOX.


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