Etude House Give Me Chocolate Nail Polish Review

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For those who follow my blog, you will know that I purchased several items from the Etude House Give Me Chocolate line and I have reviewed the trio of eye shadow palettes already.  I finally got my nail polishes and am excited to review them for you.  This collection is a limited release for Valentine’s Day, 2015 and still is available for purchase.

First Up

This collection had 6 nail polishes to choose from ~ from a pale creamy white to a deep dark chocolate brown.

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I choose the Mint Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel and Cherry Ganache.  I thought those were the most unique of the 6 shades.

The Goods

Opposite Attract Mint Chocolate Chip ~  This is the most fun shade of the trio I purchased and I am a huge fan of wearing blue and green nail polishes!   It looks more of a turquoise in the promotional photos and in my own photos, it looks like it is a light blue….but in real life, this is a mint green with blue tones shade with brown glitter in micro and medium hexagon shapes.  This shade applied smoothly, despite glitter in polish, no gloppy coverage ~ needs 3 coats.

Devilish Cherry Ganache ~ A lovely medium crème reddish-brown shade, very muted and very appropriate for daily wear at work. This shade applied smoothly, no gloppy coverage ~ needs 3 coats.


Mind Charging Salted Caramel  ~ chocolate brown polish with plum-red tones with golden glitter chunks of different sizes.  This is my favorite of the three shades.  This shade was not a smooth finish ~ it was thick and gloppy.  Needs 3 coats for optimal coverage.


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I also tried to replicate the dripping chocolate on the mint nail polish

From left to right:  Mint Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel, Cherry Ganache, Mint Chocolate Chip with Salted Caramel “drips”

The above photo probably is closer to the Mint Chocolate Chip color than other photos.  You can see it does have a green color.

Final Thoughts

The colors on all 3 of these shades are beautiful and I love them all for different reasons ~ the mint chocolate is fun and playful, salted caramel is sultry and sexy and the cherry gauche is a traditional daily wear polish.  That said, the dry times on these polishes were slow and you do need 3 coats to get full coverage without streaking, so plan on doing nothing one evening except watching a movie for a couple of hours if you want to do your nails.     Are they long lasting or chip resistant?  I am the worst person to ask this question ~ no polish ever lasts chip resistant on me more than a few hours.  I can actually peel nail polish off ~ even glitter ones!  I have tried just about everything, but I have resigned myself that I will be touching up or changing polish every 2 days.

I purchased these at W2 Beauty  and they were $6.99 apiece with free shipping.  

Did you purchase the Etude House Give Me Chocolate Nail Polishes?  Which one(s) did you get and what did you think of it?  Please let me know in the comments below!

Kawaii Chocolate Bar by Rooshoo 

5 thoughts on “Etude House Give Me Chocolate Nail Polish Review

  1. omg I loooove these polishes!! I’ve never been much of a nail polish person but lately I’ve been more attracted to them when I’m shopping- The pastel Pony polishes are all so amazing that I’ve been trying to hunt down other shades I might like since my collection is minimal. These look so fun and you picked the colors I would have chosen as well! haha 🙂 Great review! (also you reminded me that I really need to pick up some of those nail wheels…my nails are way too stubby to look good in a polish review haha!) #kbeautybloghop

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  2. These nail polishes are too cute! I really love the mint one. And the fact that these are based off chocolate doesn’t hurt. I will definitely need to keep my eyes peeled for this one. #kbeautybloghop

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  3. ha, I can never get nail varnish to last either! I gave up wearing it some years ago because of just that. I did try again at christmas with a Ciate glitter one but yes ….it peeled straight off once dry! I think it must be something to do with my oily skin translating even to my nails. I finally managed to get it to stay for a couple of days by using toner on my nails first to de-grease them, then using a base coat and top coat. I may attempt it again soon as I have a couple of new Illamasqua ones to try.

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