Obsession Turns Into Love: Naruko Boutique in NY

I rarely have blog posts about a shop.  Most of the time, it is about a product or an unboxing and the shop is secondary.   BUT.. a few months ago, when I started doing a theme around masks for oily/blemish prone skin on IG (and then did a mask digest here), I discovered it.   And my obsession grew ~ I started thinking about a blog post around Tea Tree (here) and my obsession turned into love.

Naruko is a Taiwanese brand that I was introduced to by MaskGenie, a mask service that I subscribe to, which had a Naruko Snail mask last November.  MaskGenie is a fantastic service ~ she always picks some great, unknown brands that seem to take off ~ my love of Taiwanese masks was cemented by her service.  Then when Beautibi  started carrying a few of their items,  I purchased a couple of sleeping packs and got some free facial masks as my gift with purchase.  

I fell in love with the Tea Tree Facial mask and then the Night Gelly in tea tree.  I wanted more from this line and I did purchase the Narcissus DNA Repairing Night Gelly and received some more free facial masks ~ Narcissus Repairing masks and Taiwan Magnolia EX Brightening and Firming masks.

I will be starting that gelly when the months get cooler, btw, as I am currently using the Tea Tree one for warmer months.  The Naruko selection choice is limited at Beautibi, so I turned to this site that I stumbled across a few months ago ~ Naruko Boutique.  They are located in New York and ship to the USA as well as internationally too. 

Why is this store amazing?  I have never seen a store that is operating out of  the USA with so many free gifts and deals that they have.  Their prices are amazing and they are always running specials, deals of the day..

Their gifts are generous if you spend a certain amount of money ($30, $60 or $100).  This is their current GWP

And even bonus gifts ~ right now, they are running a promo (06/01/2016-06/30/2016) that if you tweet and share items via FaceBook from their catalog and you will receive a random free mask and a full size Naruko Magnolia Moisturizing Hand Wash (250 mL) with your next order ~ just remember to post your links in the comments section of your order.  Read more here.    It gets better ~  with every purchase, you get points and for every 100 points, you can convert that to $10.00 to use in their store.  Free shipping with purchases of $40.00 or more (USA only ~ International shipping rates vary).   So, with that in mind, this is what I have hauled from them in recent months and will be reviewing these products here and on my IG account.

The boxed masks are 1+1 currently, so I received 2 boxes of each mask set.  I am just showing the one, due to space issues! 

Lotions, potions and stuff


Their Customer Service is first rate ~ when I purchased the 1+1 Tea Tree Night Jelly masks, I discovered that the expiration on my jars were for this October.  I emailed them about it and they apologized for it and I was able to pick out another product ~ just because I brought it to their attention!  Fast CS, super fast shipping and everything is packaged carefully with bubble wrap.

I purchased all of these products.   Naruko Boutique didn’t send them to me free (other than the GWP and apology product), nor did they ask me to promote their store.  I am sharing this information with you because I think this is a GREAT store and you should check it out!   I even applied to be an affiliate there, which tells you how much I will be purchasing from this store ~ I only promote stores that I purchase from regularly.

Are you excited about getting your hands on more Naruko products?  Or is this the first time you’ve heard about them?  Let me know in the comments below!  I plan on getting the Job’s Tears masks, before the 1+1 promo is gone!

[ contains affiliate links ]

[ any promo photos are from naruko boutique ]

11 thoughts on “Obsession Turns Into Love: Naruko Boutique in NY

  1. The incentives are AWESOME and I would totally jump all over this right now if my stash of masks aren’t already expiring! They should really revamp the USA website to look more English friendly, I would’ve never thought it was a USA specific site had I not seen your post.

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    1. I know – I think they are getting better, but a lot of their adverts are still in Taiwanese! Some of them have an “English Description” link and it will flip to the English description. I think they need to make that the default.


  2. Great article! I am new to them and Masks can be a little intimidating to me. This helps me out a lot! My skin is so oily and most that I have tried only worsen my problem. Thank you bunches! -kd

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  3. I like this shop a lot, too. Hard to find the full Naruko range anywhere else on the web. I wish they had English info and ingredients lists for every product though. I usually have to Google for it and end up on the Singapore Naruko site, which actually does have everything in English…so why not the U.S. site?

    Great service, too. Received the wrong product once, and customer service immediately shipped me the correct product and let me keep the wrong one. –Angela

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    1. I know! The singapore site looks really professional. I wonder if it is just due to budget concerns in the USA that the USA site looks a bit … jumbled?


      1. I’d think it’d be cheaper to just modify the Singapore site! Maybe they’re run by different entities, like the U.S. site is by a separate distributor. I’ve noticed that it’s even hard to find the Taiwanese makeup on the U.S. site now because the beauty section is no longer on the sidebar and I have to get to it by searching mascara or something.

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